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Friday, August 27, 2010

Peter Facinelli Named Film's 'Worst Vampire' by some crazy Rolling Stone critic..

How stupid are the people at Rolling Stone, I guess just old farts. Old people can't drive, can't run and can't understand twilight. LOL! I think Carlisle Cullen is played real well, infact made a post about him a few days ago about how awesome he is!

Peter Facinelli, who plays Dr. Carlisle Cullen in 'The Twilight Saga,' is tweeting about being named the silver screen's No. 1 "worst vampire" by a Rolling Stone film critic.

"YES! I finally came in Number 1 in something!" the good-natured actor tweeted Wednesday evening, referring to RS writer Peter Travers' list of "The Best and Worst Vampires on Film and TV."
"Facinelli is a solid actor, but playing Carlisle Cullen, the white-haired head of the fang-challenged Cullen vampire family, he looks about as terrifying as 'Project Runway' winner Austin Scarlett, whom Carlisle closely resembles," Travers opined in his list.
"Thank you Mr. Travers," Facinelli tweeted in response. "As Carlisle is a compassionate humanitarian, and anti-vampire in nature, being the worst vampire was quite the compliment. Although, you had me at "solid actor". :) I did find the comparison to Austin Scarlett utterly ridiculous though ... He has way better cheek bones."
Travers' No. 1 "best" big-screen vampire? Bela Lugosi as Count Dracula.

'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 1' is slated to hit theaters on Nov. 18, 2011, while 'Part 2' is expected to arrive Nov. 16, 2012. Reported by The Insider

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