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Monday, August 30, 2010

'Breaking Dawn' Scripts are 80% Done

OMG! Still can't believe it's coming close to the end!

"For Melissa Rosenberg, her role in the Twilight franchise is almost complete. Although directors changed from one movie to the next, Melissa remained the films' screenwriter since the beginning. Now she has just one last hurdle left until she wraps up both Breaking Dawn manuscripts.

"They're coming along," she says. "It's a lot of work, I'm exhausted, but we're intent on making them the best scripts yet."

Melissa notes that she's 75 to 80 percent finished with this massive book-to-film project that she's been working on for months, but it's the epic battle scene at the end that hasn't been so smooth to write. She's already created a couple of drafts, but hasn't sat down with Breaking Dawn's director Bill Condon to determine whether they work or not.

"The final battle sequence is a big challenge because it lasts 25 pages," Melissa explains. "It's almost an entire three-act story in and of itself. You have to track hundreds of characters. It's an enormous challenge to choreograph on the page and for Bill to choreograph on the stage."

We're sure Melissa will bring Stephenie Meyer's words to the big screen in a way that pleases Twi-hards. Another concern for this screenwriter while writing Breaking Dawn's adaptation was handling all the mythology in the final book.

"One of the biggest challenges, it's really true with all the novels, but probably more so with this one, is it's really thick with mythology," she states. "The characters expand with the arrival of Carlisle's friends. It's really about who do you pull forward, where do you focus?" Source:"

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